#1 Facebook instant articles setup with wordpress

Facebook instant articles setup with wordpress – Facebook instant articles is a new way for publisher to create fast interactive story in Facebook. Its a feature of Facebook which is used to support news and content publishers who may choose to use articles of their choice.

How facebook instant article work

If any publisher use Facebook instant articles for news and article, So those who are using Facebook on their mobile app can view the entire article within the Facebook app itself. Its view is similar to that of the publisher’s website. In simple word, to read news and article no need to open new window browser its automatically open in Facebook app.

Facebook instant articles was launch officially on May 12 2015. Uproxx Media, Buzz Feed, The New York Times, National Geographic, NBC News, The Dodo, The Atlantic and Slate was the launch partners. In the beginning it was available only for Facebook IPhone. Now its available for android phone. Initially Facebook Instant Article was available for a selected few news and blog sites, now any publisher can use it.

Instant article setup with wordpress

Step 1 – After login facebook account signup with Facbook Instant Articles.

Step 2 – After signup next page will open and select the page which you want enable facebook instant article.

Step 3 – When facebook instant articles is enable you enter on instant article configuration. Click on Configuration Page.

Step 4 – For claim URL click on Authorized your site.

instant articles setup

Step 5 – Under Connect Your Site you have a meta tag. Copy this meta tag and paste on your website header. php under.

facebook instant articles setup

Step 6 – Download the Instant Article For WP plugin and go to setting.

Step 7 – Copy your facebook page ID its under your facebook page URL. Go to the plugin setting and paste.

instant articles setup

Step 8 – Then you can send it for review to facebook team. Its take 2 or days to approve. Then you can Enable Monetization Articles with connecting your google adsense account.

Facebook Instant Articles Is Now Available To All Publishers.

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