Why You Should Never Do DIY Crane Rental Bids

DIY Crane Rental Bids – DIY enthusiasts love a challenge whether it’s building a back porch or making a roast for dinner. They love being creative and making something with their hands. Making a construction bid is also a lot of work and takes time. The process can be very intriguing as you have to be accurate on all your measurements and calculations to ensure an accurate bid. If your bid is too low you will lose money on the job.

If your bid is too high you will lose getting the job entirely. To save time, many contractors guess on what the costs will be for subcontractors during the project. This is a mistake and it’s cost contractors a lot of money and business over the years. Here’s why you should never do DIY crane rental bids.

DIY crane rental bids

Equipment & Labor

It’s difficult to determine which machinery and how much labor is going to be needed to complete the task. virginia equipment rental is constantly changing and the machinery you needed ten years ago may not be what you need now to get a similar task done. Even if it’s the same machinery, you may need half the amount of workers or labor to get the task completed.

Time Needed  

If you need less of a workforce or technology makes the task easier to complete, the project becomes more affordable. It also becomes faster to complete which is something you want to be able to showcase in your bid. Providing clients with an estimate on time can be just as valuable to them as your estimate on price.

Some crane rental bids are easily over $100,000. If you are off on your calculations by even 10%, that is over $10,000 on your bid that you are either too high or too low on. That’s why you should never try to handle the entire proposal yourself and instead utilize the assistance of your subcontractors.

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